SBI PO 2018 Exam Analysis on 4th Aug 2018 & Asked Questions

SBI PO 2018 Exam Analaysis

SBI PO Mains 2018 exam had two parts; first was the objective test of 200 marks which had 4 sections Data Analysis and Interpretation, English Language, Reasoning and Computer, and General Awareness(with special reference to banking) for a duration of 3 hours and each section had its allotted time limit. The second was a descriptive test of 30 minutes which had Letter and Essay writing collectively for 50 marks. 

The level of Today’s exam was difficult. English Section again brought in new surprises for aspirants with new pattern based and twisted questions.

SBI PO 2018 Sectional wise Exam Analysis

Section Good Attempts Level
Data Analysis & Interpretation 18-22 Difficult
Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 13-18 Very Difficult
General Awareness 23-27 Moderate to Difficult
English Language 15-20 Difficult
Overall 70-80 Difficult

SBI PO 2018 Exam Questions are asked in General Awareness

Please note most of the questions were asked from Banking awareness section.

Questions asked were:

  1. Who was the winner of Kabaddi league which was held in Dubai 2018? – India
  2. Full form of N in NSDF guidelines issued by RBI – National Skill Development Fund
  3. Union Budget corpus for operation greens
  4. Tri Military Exercise held between India and which country? – Russia
  5. Andres Iniesta (Football Player) who recently retired, belongs to which country? – Spain
  6.  Number of rrb to be listed to stock exchange?
  7. Export destination of India
  8. Amangarh tiger reserve
  9. Fund for Micro irrigation
  10. Women CFO of RBI
  11. Payments bank
  12. Acquisition of some payment or small bank
  13. Investment by Singapore in which small bank
  14. Award given by MP government to some women. Kali something award
  15. Growth rate prediction by some organisation to eliminate unemployment

Data Interpretation & Analysis – SBI PO 2018 Exam Analysis

The level of quantitative aptitude was moderate to difficult. There were  5 sets of DI. However, this section was relatively of a do-able level when compared with the English and Reasoning Section. Following are the DI types asked in SBI PO Mains 2018:
  • Tabular Missing DI
  • Bar Graph – yearly expenditure of a person was given
  • Caselet – Time and Work
  • Caselet – Venn Diagram – Data related to an online store was given
  • Bar Graph – Data related to calls received and resolved was given in percentages
The questions were:
Topics No of Questions
Data Interpretation

Bar graph – 10

Missing – 5

Caselet – 5

Inequality(Quantity I, Quantity II) 5
Data Sufficiency 5
Miscellaneous 5
Total 35

Reasoning & Computer Aptitude – SBI PO 2018 Exam Analysis

The level of reasoning was difficult. There were NO questions of computer aptitude. Following were the questions of puzzles and seating arrangement:
  • Linear Double Line, 10 people seating
  • Circular Arrangement
  • Floors+Buildings based puzzle
  • Blood Relation+Age based puzzle
  • Random Arrangement -3 Variables, Names of persons, their posts and fruits were given
  • Linear Seating Arrangement- 3 Variable, the direction in which the persons were seated was not mentioned.
Topics No of Questions
Puzzle 10
Seating Arrangements 05
Statement & Course of Action 10
Input – Output 04
Coding – Decoding 05
Data Sufficiency 04
Direction 03
Matrix 05
Total 45

English Language – SBI PO 2018 Exam Analysis

This section packed in a punch for all the aspirants who appeared in this examination. There were many new types of questions. Two reading comprehensions were there in the English Language section among which one passage was of the conventional type, it was based on the theme of an economist’s view of differences between innovation and invention. 1 question was based on vocab.

The second reading comprehension was entirely based on a new pattern. 5-6 paragraphs were given marked as Statement A, Statement B  and so on..and below the statement marked as bold, its explanation was given. There were 9 questions in this passage set and those questions were based on identifying grammatically correct phrases, considered as phrase replacement.

A new pattern of cloze test was introduced where a passage was given with 5 blanks and a phrase had to be filled in those blanks. In questions of that cloze test, a phrase was given and the candidate had to identify that the given phrase will belong to which blank 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5

Topic No. of Questions Level
Reading Comprehension 14 Difficult
Tripple Fillers 5 Moderate-Difficult
New pattern Cloze Test (Identify the correct phrases to be filled in the given blanks) 5 Difficult
Antonym and Synonym of FIT 1 Moderate
Sentence Completion 5 Moderate-Difficult
Sentence Improvement 5 Difficult
Total 35 Difficult

SBI PO Mains Descriptive Paper Analysis

Letter Writing :

  1.  You have to transfer money to your friend, but the transaction failed. Write a letter to bank authority.
  2.  Write a letter to your manager to take subscription of some scholarly journals and magazines so that employees can update themselves about the latest technology.
  3.  Food stored for long period is sprayed with some chemicals which are generally carcigenic in nature.
  4. Write a letter to concerned authority to tell them this can be harmful to our health.

Essay Topics :

  • Bitcoins
  • Projects and Assignments given in school
  • Monsoon creates  havoc every year.

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