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Money Banking & Finance Book

Dear Friends, here we will providing magical book series of Money Banking and finance awareness book for SBI and IBPS exams. This book will be prepared and published by BSC publication.

Money Banking & Finance is an exhaustive guide to the financial systems of India, with special focus on the period after 1991.

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Summary Of  Money Banking & Finance Book 

Banking and financial systems are instrumental to the proper functioning of India. Money Banking & Finance provides an exhaustive account of money transactions, banking systems and financial plans of India. It puts special focus on the period after 1991. However, the history of the formation of financial systems and banking policies is also outlined with great skill.

The economy of India is changing at a great speed. With globalization and new markets, banking policies, financial plans and structures are constantly changing. These financial institutions have been in constant flux since the formation of the Indian economy. Money Banking & Finance provides students with a sound knowledge of this process of evolution, so that they can accurately understand the present state of the Indian economy and its financial systems.

Money Banking & Finance contains an exhaustive discussion on all topics related to finance and banking such as Money and Banking Systems, Financial Market, Economy and Finance, and International Trade among many others. It is particularly useful for candidates appearing for the Bank PO examinations as it provides ample knowledge on the current state of Indian economics.

About N. K. Sinha

N. K. Sinha has written other books, which include A History Of India, People of India: Daman and Diu and Modelling and Identification of Dynamic Systems.

Contents of Money Banking & Finance Book

  • Eco-Terms
  • Money and Banking System
  • Financial Market
  • Banking Operation
  • Eco-Committee
  • Economy and Finance
  • International Trade
  • Miscellany

Download Money Banking & Finance Book

Details of the book

  • Book name: Money Banking & Finance (Magical book series)
  • Pages: 558
  • Size: 168 MB
  • Language: English
  • Format: PDF

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